How To Customize Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are more than just a uniform and symbol of authority, they also serve as personal emblems of identity for each individual. Scrubs are worn for various purposes ranging from uniformity and protection from external contaminants to efficiency and comfort during long hours of physically demanding work. However, adding a personal touch to scrubs can customize this mandatory attire for the medical sector and transform it into more than just a uniform.

If you buy scrubs online, the options are endless as there is a plethora of colours available along with various options of fabric tailored to each individual and can be customised accordingly to preferences. Choose from a wide range of pleasing colours while mixing and matching with shades and fabrics along with various added features.

Here are a few ways to customise medical scrubs:

Logo: Medical scrubs should have the name of the organisation along with the name of the wearer on the front of the shirt so as to ensure distinctiveness. Embroidering the logo of the organisation on the scrubs creates uniformity and a sense of belonging while also ensuring an added level of responsibility for the wearer. It also allows for civilians to recognise and alert the medical professional in a situation of emergency and avoid any loss of time. The name of the wearer can also be added below the logo to represent individuality and to make patients feel more at ease when interacting with the medical professional on a first name basis.

Pockets: Pockets are essential for medical scrubs as they allow the wearer to have one’s hands free for performing a range of duties such as lifting and moving a patient or while examining them. Scrubs usually have pockets on the side of the pants and on the front of the shirt for ease of access and convenience. Buy scrubs online from a range of medical hospitality which provide customisations for every need.

Colour: Scrubs do not have to be generic and can be customised in whichever colour and shade one prefers. Choose from soothing shades of blue and green to serene tints of navy and sea-green from the various scrubs available. For further customisation, experiment with various shades of a single colour to demarcate different departments and to create harmonious uniformity.

Fabric: Medical scrubs are usually worn for long hours of the day and are exposed to various external factors such as contaminants and chemicals. Hence, they must be resistant to damage without sacrificing comfort and ease of access to the wearer. Cotton blend scrubs made with anti-microbial fabric should provide the necessary protection and durability needed daily.

Ziva provide further customisation, such as elastic, mesh panels and drawstring which can be incorporated to ensure an extra level of personalisation and comfort to scrubs.

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