The Best Fabrics for Medical Scrubs

The medical industry is known for working long shift hours at a stretch and oftentimes, doctors and nurses have to spend a lot of time on their feet. Comfortable scrubs play a prominent role in facilitating efficiency and range of movement, which is vital to staying alert and focused during one’s shift.

Choosing the appropriate fabric is integral in ensuring that comfort and efficiency are not sacrificed. When selecting scrubs, there are a variety of affordable and durable fabrics to choose from ranging from cotton and rayon to polyester and spandex. For optimal movement and ease, a blend of fabrics should be incorporated into customising the scrub according to the wearer’s preference.

Here are the four best fabrics for medical scrubs:

Cotton- Known foremost for being the most durable fabric, cotton surpasses all other fabrics as the premium option for medical scrubs. Not only is cotton soft and gentle on the skin, it also withstands multiple rounds of cleaning. The fabric also ensures complete protection with no chance of exposure to the wearer while also remaining comfortable during long hours of work on one’s feet. Being an all-natural fabric, cotton is pleasant to wear and does not react with one’s skin, causing allergies. Cotton however, does wrinkle quickly and requires ironing once the scrub is washed to remove creases. Cotton scrubs can even be customised in a variety of colours to add a splash of vibrancy to medical.

Polyester- A synthetic material which is wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for, Polyester is often a choice for medical scrubs. Scrubs made from Polyester do not shrink nor stretch when washed, making it the easiest to care for fabric as it is often considered to be stain-resistant and moisture-wicking. Scrubs made from polyester also dry quickly and do not retain sweat but repel it, ensuring body temperature is maintained throughout. Polyester is the best scrub choice for moisture-laden environments due to its ability to repel moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. There is a wide range of colours for Polyester fabric available, which can imbue a colourful hue to medical scrubs.

Rayon- Derived from natural fibres, Rayon is a soft, lightweight choice of fabric for medical scrubs. Having been processed with chemicals, it is often referred to as semi-synthetic fabric which can mimic the look and feel of other fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen. Being breathable, durable and moisture-resistant, Rayon is oftentimes the most cost-effective choice of fabric. The downside to Rayon is that it often wrinkles easily and thus requires more upkeep than the other fabric choices.

Spandex- Renowned universally as a “stretchy” fabric, spandex allows for the most range of movement and ease of access to the wearer. As it is a synthetic fibre, Spandex can stretch more than other fabrics but returns to its original shape when the garment is removed or washed, ensuring the scrub is not damaged as a result of stretching. For unending hours of work, spandex scrubs allow the wearer to perform various physically-demanding duties without losing its durability and form throughout. Furthermore, Spandex has the highest anti-perspirant index than other fabrics, and repels moisture both inwards and outwards, ensuring the wearer is dry and comfortable throughout the day. It is however, important to note that, scrubs made from Spandex should not exceed a ten percent inclusion of the fabric as it can quickly become uncomfortable to the wearer losing its advantage of being breathable for long hours.

Shopping for scrubs can be an intimidating process, but it is important to be aware of the options available in order to make educated, cost-effective decisions. From the above main types of scrub fabrics, brands will typically blend two or more of these fabrics to create a garment of durability and comfort. For the most comfortable scrubs, shop from the range available at Ziva’s medical hospitality.

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