Why Medical Professionals Wear Scrubs

The role of scrubs in the healthcare industry is imperative and has a multifarious purpose which supersedes as just distinct attire for medical professionals. Scrubs were popularised in the twentieth century by doctors and nurses and soon became the accepted attire for medical professionals worldwide. Before the invention of scrubs, aprons were used by the medical sector which shielded clothes during surgery but did not provide adequate protection from contaminants.

Scrubs have more than just one purpose for medical professionals and it is vital that they are of superior quality, are functional and economically efficient, while befitting the purpose for their adornment.

The following reasons illustrate why medical professionals wear scrubs:

Protection: Medical scrubs are a shield against cross-contamination caused by bodily fluids and germs, both for the medical professional and the patient. Scrubs reduce the risk of disease and infection, ensuring a sterile environment. Scrubs are also cleaned in sterilized facilities and are not washed by the wearer so as to ensure minimal transference of pathogens.

Cost-efficient: Designed for maximum wearability as well as being cost-efficient, scrubs are made with inexpensive fabric without compromising on quality. The quality of the fabric is imperative as scrubs are worn for long hours thus requiring to be comfortable, yet durable. If you choose to buy scrubs online, ensure they are both durable and cost-effective to guarantee value with every purchase.

Practical and Efficient: Scrubs offer a wide purview of movement designed specifically for medical professionals who work long hours and perform physically demanding tasks such as lifting and caring for patients.

Discernible: Scrubs are the uniform for medical professionals, setting them apart and allowing them to be easily recognised in times of need. Worn as a badge of honour akin to those worn by the police force and fire department, scrubs establish doctors and nurses as the rightful heroes they are. Moreover, they ensure that civilians can recognise a medical professional in a time of emergency so that all medical efforts and aid can be provided swiftly and without delay.

Unification- Scrubs harbour a responsibility and honour for the wearer and medical professionals feel a sense of unity when wearing this attire. In a world rife with disease and destruction, it is vital that morale is maintained and that recognition is provided due importance to medical professionals who work tirelessly to ensure peace and security for all. By embroidering scrubs with the name of the organisation, there also ensures a communal feeling of pride and authority which is proven to improve work ethic and efficiency.

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